Our advantages

  • Quality of products:

We have ISO22000 certificate, have passed production audit for companies: Disney, Lenta, Thunder.

We supply our products to the top packers of Russia: Mistral Trading LLC, Agro-Alliance LLC, Angstrem-Trading Company LLC. They trust our quality.

In contrast to many industries, we have a quality department. The product is tested at all stages: production, storage, shipping.

100% of products have been inspected by state bodies, which is confirmed by certificates

we solve every issue arising with the quality of our products.

  • Reliability and stability of production

the plant has been operating since 1898. It employs the 4th generation of craftsmen who perfectly master the production technology

produce 50% of the market for pearl barley and peas. We successfully implement it.

We have our own warehouses with a storage capacity of 5000 tons. We can store backup volumes for emergency cases.

We are trusted and bought by: Mistral Trading LLC, Agro-Alliance LLC, Angstrem-Trading Company LLC, First Cruple Company LLC, etc.

Uninterrupted supply to the top Russian retail chains x5, Thunder. We fulfill all the stringent requirements for deliveries.

  • Delivery – is the strength!

The plant is located in the middle of the five most productive grain regions, for our products. This gives us an advantageous geographical position, tested by many years of experience.

The plant is located on the highway М5, which makes it possible to work without disruption of supplies, immediate search for transport.

We can ship by road and railway.

The logistics department can select the optimal delivery outline, we not only search for the machines ourselves, but also responsible for the safety of the cargo during transportation.

  • Partners and work experience, representation on the market.

 Experience in international supplies to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lithuania.

RKZ is the founder and head of the Association of Cereal Producers

More than 70 companies to which we supply products. Every member of the cereal market knows us.

We have developed and own several trademarks: "King of Peas", "Perlotto", "Disney - The Last Bogatyr"

We are represented in the Russian distributing facilities: x5, Magnit, Gulliver, Almond, Utkonos. Hotel chain Radisson buy our products.

  • What sets us apart from other manufacturers:

We are the only ones in Russia producing a variety of pearl barley "Holland" This confirms our experience and knowledge of our product.

The volume of production is up to 1500 tons of products per month!

The plant produces 5 types of cereals: peas chopped and whole, barley pearl barley, barley, wheat.

We can satisfy the need of any customer, both in quality and quantity!

+7 (84238) 3-62-60 ● rkzavod@yandex.ru